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Enterprise Manager Grid Control does not send emails 20 October 2010

Posted by David Alejo Marcos in Enterprise Manager, Grid Control, Oracle 11.2.
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Have you ever wondered why EM Grid Control is not sending you email notifications for your alerts?

The problem:

I have been working with EM Grid Control for some time. We have some rules and templates created to monitor our databases and we normally receive emails when a Warning or Critical threshold have been crossed.

We did upgrade our OEM repository to 11g 1 month ago and I noticed we stopped receiving emails. I did review the alerts, tested emails and all was working fine, we just did not receive emails from our alerts.

The solution:

Quite simple, but it took me some time to find it.

As part of the upgrade, the parameter JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES was set to 0.

SQL> show parameter job_queue_processes
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
job_queue_processes integer 0

as soon as I changed to a different number (please, bear in mind 10 is the minimum recommended by Oracle)

SQL> alter system set job_queue_processes=15 scope=memory;

I started to receive emails.

1.- I have not tested SNMP Traps to feed our Nagios as it is still in development, but I will assume the fix is the same.

2.- Remember to change the parameter on your spfile.ora or init.ora file.

3.- As soon as you change the parameter you will start receiving all alerts (including old), I did receive over 1300 emails in 20 minutes, so you might consider doing the change on Friday by EOD and clear your inbox on Monday.

As always, comments are welcome.



1. Sabrina - 21 February 2012

This worked for me too! Thanks for posting.

2. Danish - 1 March 2012

thanks buddy

3. Greg Wood - 24 May 2012

Awesome, I have been searching for this for months

4. Hans-Jürgen - 18 March 2013

This worked for me too! Thanks a lot.

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