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change archivelog destination using Dataguard broker 20 May 2010

Posted by David Alejo Marcos in Dataguard Broker, Grid Control, Standby.
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We have recently taken over some systems from a sister company and I have been working on them.

One of those systems is using dataguard with dataguard broker. It is a very interesting configuration as the primary and one of the standby database are on the same country while the second standby is in a different country.

I am used to work without the broker, so simple task as disable recovering manager or the archivelog destination because something like a “mini challege”.

In this post I will explain who to change the archivelog destination on primary and standby databases using DGMGRL.

The problem:

We have tree standby databases, Ellison (primary), Larry (physical standby) and Veltman (physical standby). We want to change the archivelog destination from /u03/oradata/arch to /u07/oradata/arch on all three environments.

Databases are being monitored using DataGuard Broker.

The solution:

if we decide to change the property StandbyArchiveLocation on the broker using DGMGRL. If  the value of the string on StandbyArchiveLocation is different from log_archive_dest_1, DGMgRL will update the value of log_archive_dest_2.

With the above in mind, we execute the following using SQLPLUS on all three databases:
SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET log_archive_dest_1='location="/u07/oradata/arch", valid_for=(ONLINE_LOGFILE,ALL_ROLES)' scope=both sid='*';

Once we have changed the parameter on all three database, we are ready to proceed with the next step.

Now we have to change the property on DGMGRL. We connect to the server running the primary database and execute:
[oracle@ellison ~]$ dgmgrl
DGMGRL for Linux: Version - 64bit Production
Copyright (c) 2000, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Welcome to DGMGRL, type "help" for information.
DGMGRL> connect /
DGMGRL> show database larry standbyarchivelocation
StandbyArchiveLocation = '/u03/oradata/arch'
DGMGRL> show database ellison standbyarchivelocation
StandbyArchiveLocation = '/u03/oradata/arch'

Now that we have checked the current value, we execute the command to ammend it:

DGMGRL> edit database larry set property StandbyArchiveLocation = '/u07/oradata/arch';
DGMGRL> edit database ellison set property StandbyArchiveLocation = '/u07/oradata/arch';

And we check again to verify it:

DGMGRL> show database larry standbyarchivelocation
StandbyArchiveLocation = '/u07/oradata/arch'
DGMGRL> show database ellison standbyarchivelocation
StandbyArchiveLocation = '/u07/oradata/arch'

It is recommended to disable and enable the configuration to enforce the new parameters:
DGMGRL> disable configuration;
DGMGRL> enable configuration;

and to check alert.log files on all 3 servers.

I normally execute a couple of “alter system switch logfile;” on primary and check that the archivelogs are being applied.


Our standby databases are running in open read only mode. These changes did to work until i disabled the managed recovery process, performed a shutdown immediate and opened them for read only again. Not sure if there is a bug, it is recommended to stop the standby databases or I was just unlucky.

As always, comments are welcome.



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