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OUI-10150: Datafile storage location for RAC should be on shared file system. 5 March 2010

Posted by David Alejo Marcos in ASM, RAC.
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I spent the last two weekends installing and configuring two new DRs for one of our main databases. I will cover this job in a different post, but the interesting part was to solve a problem no the installation of the software itself.

Lets see the problem and how to solve it.

The problem:

We have a three node cluster already running, we want to install a brand new Oracle Home for a new 3-node database sharing the same CRS.

so far so good. We have binaries for Linux 64 x86-64, patch to upgrade to,  patch for OPatch 11 and PSU 1.

we connect to one of the nodes (a/b/c) and execute ./runInstaller.

Oracle installer recognises the cluster and ask us if we want to install it on all 3 nodes… Sure, it will save us time… and then:

For some reason, the storage is not properly detected… Even more, why do we need to install the software on a shared file system?

I did not find much information regarding this problem, and the extract of the install.log does not say much:

localNode = uswhdrorc001c
INFO: Query Returned: false
INFO: *** Error Dialog: OUI-10150:Error: The datafile storage location for Oracle Real Application Clusters should be on a shared file system. in component Oracle Database 10g . Installation cannot continue for this component. ***
INFO: User Selected: Stop installation of all products.

INFO: The datafile storage location for Oracle Real Application Clusters should be on a shared file system.
INFO: Setting variable ‘PREREQ_CONFIG_LOCATION’ to ”. Received the value from variable association.
INFO: This installation is being performed using response file /u01/software/database/install/response/ee.rsp.

We did not learn much about this message.

One of the guys suggested to unset all Oracle variables on the environment, from ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME to ORA_CRS_HOME.

it helped on the first installation (London data centre), but not on the US installation (New York data centre).

So, what was the difference?

The Solution:

simple, very simple, like most riddles once you know the answer.

The way we tried to install the software was incorrect. The very first page you are presented is:

Looks familiar, right? If you select the option “Basic Install” (with or without database) it will fail, regardless of the version you are trying to install (yes, including “Enterprise Edition”).

you have to choose “Advance Installation” to deploy the software on more than one node, regardless if the session has the ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME, ORA_CRS_HOME or any other oracle variable:

As you can see on the figure above, for that session I had ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID defined (in fact, the whole environment, including library path) and worked, simply by choosing the “Advance Installation”.

lesson learned?, working too many weekends in a row can and will takes its toll and you may make very simple mistakes.

As always, comments are welcome.



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