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Creating a 3 node RAC database as standby. 17 February 2010

Posted by David Alejo Marcos in ASM, RAC.
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This weekend is going to be a long one. I have to migrate a database from single instance to a 3 node RAC.

The approach we will take is to create the database this weekend on the current production cluster and enable standby to it keeps up to date with the current production.

Once we have preformed some connectivity testing and business signs off, I will leave it for 3 weeks.

The following week I have to do the same but in our DR site in the US. All databases will be kept in sync from the current production database as Oracle does not support cascade standby databases (something for another post).

The problem:

The idea is to create a 3 Node RAC database, duplicate from the current production and put it in physical standby mode to keep it up to date.

Steps to follow (high level):

1.- Allocate SAN space (was done last weekend).

2.- Rescan the SCSi bus on all 3 nodes to recognize the new LUNs and add them to the multipath configuration.

3.- Create ASM disk using ASMLib.

4.- Create diskgroups in our production ASM instance.

5.- Install Oracle on a new Oracle Home

6.- Upgrade software to

7.- Install new OPatch

8.- Upgrade software to (PSU 1)

9.- create config files for new database (orapw, init, spfile, etc…)

10.- Create dummy database with same structure as current production (I have a dbca template for this).

11.- Restore backup from current production.

12.- Convert database to RAC (add 2nd and 3rd logfile thread), add two new undo tablespaces, create services, register database with the cluster, etc…

13.- Put database in physical standby mode.

I will start posting this coming Saturday a more detailed step by step guide as I start with the work.

Thank you.



1. edgar - 27 February 2012

hi :

Im have these same case create an standby database from single database to migrate a RAc with tree nodes and ASM .

how to clone the primary database to create the stand by in RAC ?

David Alejo Marcos - 19 March 2012


I have a series of blogs that might help you. Please, have a look for Creating a 3-node standby database on this website and let me know if it helps.

Thank you,

David Alejo-Marcos.

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